NACC celebrates care catering heroes at awards ceremony

The National Association of Care Catering (NACC) celebrated outstanding contributions to the care catering sector at the NACC Awards 2019. The NACC Awards aim to recognise teams and individuals from across the care sector that demonstrate ‘innovation, excellence and dedication’ in their field. The awards were announced at the gala awards dinner at the East Midlands Conference Centre, which was...Read more

NHS pledges to cut plastic across catering services

The NHS is pledging to cut more than 100 million plastic straws, cups and cutlery items from hospitals across England each year. The use of single-use plastic across all catering will be cut as part of a drive to reduce waste and help the environment, it was reported in The Telegraph. The move will affect staff and patient canteens, on-ward catering and plastics handed out by on-site retailers...Read more

Severe obesity in Year 6 children climbs to record high for fourth year

The rate of severe obesity among Year 6 children (aged 10-11 years) has hit a record high for the fourth consecutive year, increasing by more than a third since 2006/07 to 4.4% in 2018/19 (equal to 26,158 children), new data has revealed. The latest data from the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP), overseen by Public Health England (PHE), also shows inequalities are worsening, with...Read more

Henry Dimbleby calls for evidence for National Food Strategy

Henry Dimbleby, who is leading the independent review into the National Food Strategy, is calling for evidence as a way to ‘gather inspiration to help us transform the food system’. The purpose of the review is to address the environmental and health problems caused by England’s food system, to ensure the security of the food supply, and to ‘maximise the benefits of the coming revolution in...Read more

250 million children worldwide forecast to be obese by 2030

Childhood obesity is rising ‘exponentially’ worldwide, as the number of obese children globally is predicted to reach 250 million by 2030, up from 150 million now. according to data shared with the Guardian. According to the data, only one in 10 countries have even a 50% chance of meeting the World Health Organisation target of no rise in child obesity from 2010 to 2025. The chances of 156 of the...Read more