Two studies find fruit, veg and whole grain intake linked to lower risk of diabetes

Higher consumption of fruit, vegetables and whole grain foods are associated with a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to two studies published by The BMJ yesterday (July 6th). The findings suggest that even a modest increase in consumption of these foods as part of a healthy diet could help prevent type 2 diabetes. In the first study, a team of European researchers examined the...Read more

Public sector procurement of food – call for evidence

​ The House of Commons' Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Select Committee is seeking views and recommendations on public procurement of food - how is it sourced, and does it meet the right standards regarding health, the environment and supporting local communities. The parliamentary body is looking for submissions from organisations and individuals into how the UK can do better with...Read more

UK meat industry launches action to halve £3bn annual waste bill

Thirty-eight of the UK’s largest organisations involved in the production and sale of meat have backed plans to improve productivity, tackle deforestation, cut emissions and reduce the £3b of meat wasted in the UK every year. The trade organisations, meat processors, retailers and hospitality and food service businesses have announced their ambition to halve the amount of meat that goes to waste...Read more

#20percentlessmeat campaign wins national press coverage

The #20percentlessmeat initiative, agreed by catering industry leaders under the umbrella of the PSC100 Group, was unveiled in the April issue of Public Sector Catering . It has now garnered exposure on a truly national stage in The Guardian , The Daily Telegraph and the Mail Online, the Daily Mail’s website that attracts 56m monthly visitors and is among the leading online news outlets. There...Read more

Make food a priority - a review of the PSC Expo 2019

Simple dishes cooked from quality, unprocessed ingredients should be the basis of menus from schools to prisons, was the message to those attending the Public Sector Catering Expo. At the heart of catering across the public sector – from schools to universities, hospitals, care homes, the armed forces and prisons – lies the simple idea that the best meals are prepared using good quality...Read more