Global food report launched at TUCO conference

On 29-31 July The University Caterers Organisation (TUCO) held its annual conference at the University of York with the theme of ‘driving commercial success,’ launching its 2019 Global Food and Beverage trends report. The report demonstrates both the continuation and evolution of trends in food and beverages since 2018 and focuses on 12 overarching themes including ‘Health for all’, ‘...Read more

Goldsmiths University bans beef to tackle climate change

Goldsmiths University of London has banned beef from its campuses in an effort to tackle the effects of climate change and become carbon neutral by 2025. Recent research published in the journal Science found hat beef produces 105kg of greenhouse gases per 100g of meat. By comparison, tofu results in less than 3.5kg. In addition to the beef ban, students will also be charged a 10p levy on single-...Read more

Caterplus announces 2019 Care Chef of the Year winner

Elior UK’s care subsidiary Caterplus named its 2019 Care Chef of the Year as Gary Topping, chef manager at Barnaby House Thirteen Group. Taking place at the Luton Electrolux Kitchen, the internal competition invited all care chefs working within any UK Elior business, rewarding brilliant creative talent in care catering. For the grand final, seven chefs from across the UK were tasked with...Read more

No-deal Brexit could cause food shortages in schools, leaked documents show

A no-deal Brexit could cause a shortage for fresh food for school meals because of panic buying, with prices soaring by up to 20%, leaked government documents have revealed. The five-page document, obtained by The Observer, suggested that informing the public of the risks could make matters worse and acknowledges that it’s dependent on major suppliers for stockpiling and the supply chain. In the...Read more

Seven out of ten obese people feel less hungry after voice coaching, NHS trial reveals

Seven out of ten obese people who took part in an NHS weight-loss trial in Greater Manchester, found that they were less hungry after taking part in voice and video coaching programme, Slimpod, it has been revealed. The Slimpod programme is a weight loss ‘solution ‘delivered via an app on phones or tablets for just nine minutes a day. By using neuroscience techniques, it has claimed that it...Read more