Government calls for responses to green paper aimed at improving nation’s health

The government has called for responses after it outlined its plans to improve the country’s health, including tackling childhood obesity, in its green paper. Published yesterday (Monday 22 July), the document titled Advancing our heath: prevention in the 2020s, outlines a range of proposals, including pledging to ban the sale of energy drinks to children under 16 and an ambition for England to...Read more

No deal Brexit ‘disastrous’ for industry, says FDF response to report

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has responded to the latest report detailing the consequences of a no deal Brexit for business in the UK. The report, by the Committee on Exiting the EU, has warned that a no deal Brexit would be the ‘most economically damaging outcome for the UK’, with the effect more noticeable in the North East and West Midlands. It also found that the food and drink sector...Read more

Caterers urged to play part in move to ‘less but better’ meat and dairy

Public sector caterers, public health bodies, farmers, MPs, environmentalists and animal welfare experts have set out actions to improve what we eat under the umbrella of the Eating Better alliance of more than 60 organisations. The alliance’s set of actions titled ‘Better by half: A roadmap to less and better meat and dairy’ was launched at an event for businesses, MPs, NGOs and others in...Read more

78% of Brits don't understand nutrition guidelines, research reveals

Brits may be at risk of serious illnesses as new research by Spoon Guru, the London-based technology start-up, has discovered that 78% of consumers don’t understand the daily recommended levels of salt, fat and sugar consumption guidelines. It surveyed 2,000 participants from the UK to investigate their spending habits and motivations for purchasing food over the last 12 months (May 2018-May 2019...Read more

Healthy Schools Rating Scheme published

The long-awaited Healthy Schools Rating Scheme has been published (8 July) by The Department for Education. The voluntary scheme asks for schools to complete a survey with questions such as whether healthy eating is a curriculum policy, whether food is grown on-site for school meals and how much time is spent on PE during the week. Schools taking part will get a bespoke report and a rating (gold...Read more