Sinto Mulavarickal

Sinto Mulavarickal

East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust & NHS Chef of the Year 2021
Public Sector Catering Kitchen Demo

Growing up in a middle class household watching his parents cook and serve the explicit Kerala cuisine with added spices was the primary spark in starting Sinto’s career towards being a chef. It was also then a way to support his family as it was considered to be a stable job.

Graduating in 2008 as an Advanced diploma holder in hotel management and working as a chef in various restaurants in India, his career took a turn when I had the opportunity to work in the Middle East for 9 years which helped him learn wide variety of other cuisines -  it was here that Sinto attained a special interest in Italian and English cuisines and tried various fusion dishes.

Starting his journey as a commi chef it was with hard work and perseverance Sinto was able to reach the post of a senior CDP helping new starters and managing the team for HWH hospitality and investment group, Dubai. In 2019 he moved to England to join my wife working as a nurse in NHS. In the middle of the pandemic Sinto had to start from scratch therefore initially started to work as a chef in an Indian restaurant and in 2020 had the great opportunity to join the NHS. It was like a dream when the East Lancashire catering team was awarded the NHS chef of the year, this also made him believe that hard work truly pays off.

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