Andrew Archer

Andrew Archer

Managing Director, Dewberry Redpoint
Future of Public Sector Catering Report 2023 Launch

Working in collaboration with Simon Stenning, founder of Future Foodservice, Public Sector Catering is launching a report that is the first of its kind to provide a comprehensive current state-of-the-market overview and a forecast of how public sector catering will develop over the next 3-5 years.

Featuring key economic forecasts and a detailed look at changing customer behaviour, trends and attitudes, the full report will provide subscribers with unique insights into what is shaping the future of the public sector catering industry.

Detailed market analysis will outline the volume forecasts and the challenges and legal and governmental developments affecting the sector and will include insights from key industry personnel, case studies and sector-leading examples. Taken together, this creates an invaluable resource tool for suppliers operating right across the sector.


Andrew is Director of Dewberry Redpoint the owners of the Public Sector Catering brand that run the PSC Expo along with the magazine, website awards and its other extensions.

Over 30 years in media and events and over 20 in the foodservice sector has taught Andrew the value of insight and research and he is very excited to be sharing the latest addition to the Public Sector Catering portfolio, the first ever in-depth look into both the size of public sector catering but also what its future is likely to look at over the next 3 years.

The support from all the leading industry associations in putting this research together will help everyone better understand the industry we work in.