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The two day event will bring together leading experts and commentators from across the sector to share innovation, ideas and good practice.  A varied seminar programme will look at the key topics and issues affecting public sector catering;

Health & Nutrition

Meeting increasing demand for healthy eating without losing touch with the core need to deliver good nutrition.

With obesity and malnutrition concerns for the UK for the foreseeable future - we look at the role public setor catering can play in addressing them.

Allergens & Labelling

When the consequences of getting it wrong can be catastrophic, we look at how public sector catering teams can remain vigilant.

Recruitment & Training

How do we attract young people leaving school, college and university to look seriously at a career in catering?

Diet & Menu Trends

Consumer tastes are changing dramatically, driven by the dramatic grown in trends like veganism.  How can the latest market data help us?

Food Costs & Sourcing

Food costs are set to rise further still this year while local authority and other budgets are being trimmed again.  Can local sourcing provide an answer?

Mental Health  & Wellbeing


Food & Plastic Waste

We’re all very aware of the issues; many steps are already being taken to reduce it - but what more can the foodservice industry do?

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