Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Prue Leith David Russell Andy Jones Alexia Robinson

Tuesday 19 November

Knowledge Zone - Seminar Programme

Share Zone - Live demonstration theatre

11.00 Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
Keynote address - Hear first-hand from Hugh about his experiences and campaigns to improve health, nutrition and sustainable sourcing and reduce waste and plastic.
12.00 Charlie Huson, Humane Socieity International (HSI)
Future based foods & plant based diets
13.00 David Russell
Public Sector Catering in an international setting - what can we learn from abroad.

Global Data PLC
Public Sector Catering - State of the Industry Report followed by a panel discussion chaired by Andy Jones

15.00 Alexia Robinson, British Food Fortnight
Local sourcing - buying locally to manage food cost inflation and supply chain
11.30 Public Sector Catering Showcase
School Chef: LACA School Chef of the Year - Steven Cross
Care Chef: Care Chef of the Year
12.30 TBC
13.30 Jenny Chandler, Humane Society International
Vegan Cooking - Future Foods

Public Sector Catering Showcase
Hospital Chef: HCA Hot Cookery Competition winner, Jamie Bolam,
Freeman Hospital, Newcastle Upon Tyne

University Chef: TUCO Chef’s Challenge 2019 winner
Mark Donovan and Doug Shewan,  University of Aberdeen


Wednesday 20 November


Knowledge Zone - Seminar Programme

Share Zone - Live demonstration theatre

11.00 Prue Leith
Keynote address
12.00 Lee Petar, Oakhill Communications
Lobbying & influencing.  Achieving our aims  and objectives.

Amy Fetzer, WRAP
Food and plastic waste, public sector must lead the way

15.00 Pilot Light and Hospitality Action
Mental health and wellbeing
10.30 TBC
11.30 Public Sector Catering Showcase
Prison Chef
Military Chef
12.30 The Bug Farm
Future Foods
13.30 Public Sector Catering Showcase
Bidfood Waste Chef

Programme timings are subject to change.