Tuesday 19 November 2019

Knowledge Zone - Seminar Programme

11.00 Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Keynote address - Hear first-hand from Hugh about his experiences and campaigns to improve health, nutrition and sustainable sourcing. His recently highly publicised fight to reduce plastic waste will feature, but his heart is in food and making sure we all eat better and with a greater consciousness of the environment and sources of what we consume.

Charlie Huson, Humane Society International (HSI)

Charlie will talk about the HSI Forward Food Programme that is encouraging caterers across the public sector and hospitality industry to use a more plant based diet by explaining the impact of livestock and farming on the environment and public health.  She will not just look at the environmental issues but will also look at animal welfare and the health benefits of a plant based diet or at least eating less meat and fish.  Expect to be surprised and shocked by some incredible facts about how our diet effects the environment.  A call to action for a weekly plant based day across public sector catering will almost certainly gain huge support.

Charlie's colleague, Jenny Chandler, will demonstrate vegan cooking in the share zone soon after her presentation.

13.00 David Russell, Russell Partnership

Professor David Russell is a leading foodservice consultant who has worked globally on a lot of high profile projects including the 2012 Olympics and the upcoming 2020 World Expo in Dubai. His travels and experiences have meant that he has seen public sector catering operations around the globe and he will share some of what he has learned (good and bad) to help UK public sector caterers think about how they can improve their service.

Global Data PLC

A presentation of the Public Sector Catering - State of the Industry Report will give us an overall pitcure of the size and scope of our sector and how it is likely to grow and develop over the coming years based on proposed government policy and objectives. 

The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion chaired by Andy Jones and involving leading industry association and organisation members of the Public Sector Catering Most Influential list.


Alexia Robinson, British Food Fortnight

Local sourcing - buying locally to manage food cost inflation and supply issues

Love British Food is the leading national promotion of British food and the only organisation that encourages the caterers responsible for sourcing food in our schools, hospitals and across the public sector with the aim to make British food their preferred supplier of choice. Brexit may well accelerate the need to buy more locally and Alexia will explain all the benefits associated with doing so.

Alexia's presentation will follow a demonstration in the Share Zone by British Food Fortnight ambassador and Bake Off winner Candice Brown that will promote British produce.

Share Zone - Live demonstration theatre

11.30 Allergen Awareness

Steven Cross, Park Community School is the LACA School Chef of the Year 2019. 

Steven will demonstrate a dish with allergen restrictions using all the appropriate techniques and methods whilst LACA and their partners talk about the programme they are developing for caterers to help manage allergen issues and legislation.

Candice Brown, Love British Food Ambassador and Bake Off winner

Candice's demonstration, promoting the use of British produce takes place ahead of a presentation in the Knowledge Zone by Alexia Robinson, British Food Fortnight founder.  Candice will talk about her love of fresh British ingredients as she uses them to demonstrate a fabulous dish we will all be able to use in our kitchens at home and work.


Jenny Chandler, Humane Society International

Jenny is the Humane Society International's renowned chef and an expert in plant based and meat-free and dairy-free diets.  She has worked with industry organisations including Compass to develop dishes and menus that fulfill the vegan brief and will demonstrate some of them here.

Jenny's demonstration follows on from Charlie Huson's presentation in the Knowledge Zone about the positive environmental and health impacts of a plant based diet.


Public Sector Catering Showcase

University Chef: TUCO Chef's Challenge 2019 winners Mark Donovan and Doug Shewan, University of Aberdeen

Back in March 2019 Mark and Doug were crowned winners of the TUCO chef challenge.  They will be demonstrating their skills in the kitchen whilst talking about the challenges they face meeting the demands of students within tight budgets.


Wednesday 20 November 2019

Knowledge Zone - Seminar Programme


Prue Leith

Recently appointed to work with the Hospital Caterers Association on the Hospital Food Review and a past chair of the Children's Food Trust,  Prue will draw from her experiences across the food and hospitality industry in her keynote address and share a few anecdotes.

She will update visitors on the progress of the review, but will also tackle the health of the nation and encourage the public sector catering industry to lead on working to improve the quality and nutritional content of food across our industry, particularly with a view to combating the obesity bomb. 

11.45 Lee Petar, Oakhill Communications

Lobbying & influencing. Lee is Managing Partner at Oakhill Communications and an expert in lobbying and influencing MP's and political opinion formers. Lee has worked for a number of years with LACA and on projects with the HCA amongst others.

Lee will give his views on the current volatile political situation and how it is likely to effect public sector caterers. He will also advise on what we need to do as an industry to be more effective in achieving our aims and objectives where we need to get buy in from government.

Amy Fetzer, WRAP

Food waste - the public sector must lead the way 

Amy's presentation will include an update about the Guardians of Grub Campaign which is aimed at empowering professionals from across the hospitality and foodservice sector to reduce the amount of food thrown away in their establishments.


Molly Shaher, PACE

Labour, recruitment and training - working in the public sector

Recruiting in to hospitality is difficult for all areas of the industry, but particularly for the public sector.  This is unlikely to be helped by the potential labour movements across Europe as a result of Brexit.  Molly will set the scene on how the public sector can promote our industry to catering colleges which will be followed by a panel discussion on the benefits and opportunities offered by working in schools, hospitals, care homes, prisons, miiltary and universties. 


Camilla Woods, Hospitality Action

Mental health and wellbeing has become a huge area of discussion in the workplace across the UK and public sector catering is no different.

Hospitality Action provide mental health support to all areas of the hospitality industry and Camilla will talk about their programmes and support including the Mental Health Awareness training they can supply. 

The HA are a vital industry charity and Camilla will also share other areas of support that they can offer colleagues and employers.

Share Zone - Live demonstration theatre

10.30 Public Sector Catering Showcase

School Chef: LACA School Chef of the Year winner, Steven Cross

Having won the competition at his first time of trying in 2019 Steven will demonstrate his winning dishes and talk about how he has to work to the School Food Standards and strict budgetary constraints.

Public Sector Catering Showcase

Care Home Chef: Stewart Middleton, Mealmore Ltd

Stewart won the NACC Care Chef of the Year competition in 2017.  He will prepare two dishes to to very specific nutritional requirements, budgets and diets and explain why he must talk to customers to so they get the best nutrition and hydration possible.


Andy Holcroft, Bug Farm Foods

Andy is an expert in the science and environmental benefits of insect protein, he will talk about this 'Future Food' whilst demonstrating how it can be made to be exciting and tasty.  Expect to taste something you may have never experienced before and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.


Public Sector Catering Showcase

Hospital Chef: Chanel Bentley, Birmingham Women's Hospital

Hospital chefs arguably have the biggest challenge of all having to cater for every diet type, age, ethnicity and allergen in huge numbers on a daily basis to a very strict budget.  Chanel, who has also been a school chef in her career, will demonstrate one of her dishes and talk about how hospital chefs deliver exceptional food in such a challenging environment.